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Florida Car Transportation Services

If you're needing your vehicle to be available to you at your home away from home, you really only have two options. Either drive it yourself or hire a car transportation service. Hiring a driver has never been easier and when you consider the high costs of gas, your time spent driving, and the wear and tear on your vehicle the cost is well worth it.

Snowbird Hauling offers two types of car shipping options - open transport or enclosed transport.

Open Transport

Open transport is the standard. Cars are stacked and chained to these multilevel platform trailers. While these trailers leave your car exposed to the elements they are safely strapped down and all precautions are taken to ensure your vehicle arrives safely at the destination.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transporting offers an even safer option for your vehicles. The cost is going to run about 30-50% more expensive than the standard open transport as space is much more limited. Enclosed transporting protects your car from most elements.

The benefits of hiring an auto transport service:

  • No-Risk, Licensed and Insured
  • Avoid the mileage on your car. Especially, helpful if it's a lease.
  • Save Time, Save Money
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