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Transport Car from Florida to California
From the Sunshine state to the Golden State

Transporting your vehicle from Florida to California means a 2,700 mile drive across the country. This could mean a 40+ hour endeavor if you plan on making the drive yourself. Or. You could hire a car transportation company and they will pick up your car and deliver it to wherever is needed.

Snowbird Hauling offers car transportation services from Florida to California. We'll pick up and deliver your car with no risk, no worry as all of our drivers are licensed and insured.

Transport your car from Florida to California! - No Risk

With just 3 easy steps. You'll be on your way to your destination to meet your vehicle.

Cost to transport from Florida to California
Prices vary according to season, demand, and availability.

Pricing varies according to availability and demand. There are literally thousands of car carriers with vacant spots probably traveling back and forth between Florida and California. At Snowbird, we try to contact those drivers and fill up their carriers so that our customers enjoy a reduce cost car transport.

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